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Nationwide’s windows and doors are designed and manufactured with our customers in mind. We strive to offer quality products that offer value for money and so much more.


Noise attenuation and sound insulation is becoming a massive issue in our increasingly hectic daily lives. Road traffic, aeroplanes, and general neighbourhood noise are all problems. Our team works with clients to achieve the best noise reducing windows and glazing by focusing on the acoustic quality of window and sash frames, the seals between the window and sash frame and the insulated glazing unit (manufactured in our own glass facility).

Acoustic Performance

  • Glazing carries a RW 32 Db reduction.
  • Trickle Ventilator 35 D n,e,w reduction in the open position.
  • We can achieve trickle ventilator Db reductions as high as 42 D n,e,w and RW 42 Db through the glazing.

‘U’ Values

  • Our standard casement achieves a ‘u’ value of 1.3
  • PVC-U doors achieve a ‘u’ value of 1.4.
  • Utilising triple glazing we can achieve as low as 0.8 for windows and 0.9 for PVC-U doors on certain configurations


Did you know that a family of four generates up to ten litres of moisture during daily activities like cooking, washing, and even breathing. This excess moisture provides ideal conditions for mould spores which damage internal walls and furniture but more worryingly, can lead to breathing problems.

Our dedicated technical support and commercial team has a proven track record in providing help so you specify the correct windows and glazing when it comes to ventilation. All of our windows come with a unique ventilation, which allows fresh air in, even if the window is closed so homes stay damp free.


More than 70% of windows and doors in continental Europe are coloured and we are fast following their lead. One in four UK windows and doors is now manufactured in colour and demand is showing no sign of slowing with one in three windows in the UK now coloured.

Although still a popular choice for clean looks, gone are the days of dominant white PVC-U windows and white panel doors. Technical innovation and development in coatings, anodising and foiling means that basically any colour of window or door is now possible. Grey aluminium is increasingly popular for multi-inhabitant buildings, while blues, greens and reds are also popping up across many housing association properties’ composite doors.

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