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Moulton School & Science College

Moulton School & Science College, Northhampton

Moulton School & Science College serves around 1,300 pupils between the ages of 11 and 18. The school has a strong set of core values geared towards ensuring that every pupil is challenged to achieve to his or her full potential by developing a range of talents and interests in a safe, secure and healthy environment.

Working closely with Ridge Property & Construction Consultants and Kier Construction, we were chosen as fenestration partners to complete the refurbishment works on the main school, maths and science blocks. Our team was involved from the early stages, providing a pre-survey consultancy service to gauge the most appropriate solution for the school’s individual needs, researching and consulting with the people in the know – the teachers – before recommending the best solutions to meet the project’s specific criteria.

Improving ventilation was one of the main drivers behind the refurbishment. Therefore, in the main block, an aluminium curtain walling system with integrated parallel opening vents was used to replace the current screen and top-hung windows. Parallel windows offer one of the most efficient designs for improving airflow. They also do not open outside of the internal brickwork, meaning they are the safest choice for reducing the risk of falls. For additional comfort, Pilkington Solar Control glass was used in the windows.

In the science and maths block, aluminium vertical sliding windows featuring a linked sash mechanism were installed. This feature allows the window to open at the bottom and the top simultaneously, so that stale air is drawn out of the top of the window, while fresh air is drawn in through the bottom. The vertical slider design was chosen so that ventilation could be maximised without breaking the building’s lines. Conversely, the energy efficient properties of all products supplied also help to prevent heat loss, so provide a significant reduction in heating bills for the school.

The main entrance door to the Maths block was replaced with a welded aluminium doorset which is routinely specified for McDonalds buildings due to its ability to withstand high footfall.

Mandy Dane, Business Manager at Mouton School comments: “The work has made significant improvements and addressed some of the long- standing issues that we had. It has improved the environment for both pupils and staff, and this is most noticeable with the curtain walling, which previously had very poor insulation. We have even had to turn the heating down since the work’s completion. The children are now noticeably happier to come to school. It was a big and potentially difficult project but we’ve been really pleased with the results.”

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