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What to expect

At the start of any window and door replacement programme, in partnership with your landlord, we will produce a specific tenant information leaflet that will talk you through the process, introduce you to the team who’ll be carrying out the works, advise you on how to prepare for the improvements and offer Freephone numbers and an emergency call out service contact.

5 point step by step guide

1. Measuring your Windows

You will receive a letter from your site team advising when we intend to carry out our survey. Our surveyor will visit your home and measure each door and window for manufacture. The surveyor will also ask you to sign his survey form to confirm this.

2. Installing your windows

When your windows and doors have been manufactured and are available at our local depot, we’ll contact you again by letter, notifying you of when we intend to carry out the installation. On the day of installation, we ask that you remove any pictures, ornaments or valuables from the area in which we will be working, and take down any curtains. Our installation team will need clear access to all areas, so all items of furniture should also be removed. Before we start any work, we will cover the adjacent furniture and floor with dust sheets and outside we will use groundsheets to catch any debris. This is a building operation so it will involve noise and some mess, but we promise to keep it to a minimum.

3. At the end of the works

Following completion of our work, our installers will show you how to use your new windows and doors, and will then hand over the keys. You will be asked to sign a form confirming the works are completed. You will also be left with a Customer Satisfaction questionnaire, and we ask that you take a small amount of time to complete and return this, as your feedback will help us continue to improve the service we provide. The RLO is happy to help with the form’s completion if required.

4. Post Installation

Our RLO or Site Supervisor will visit you at the end of the day, or will agree a suitable time to carry out a complete inspection of every window and door installed. You’ll be asked for your comments on the products and how you feel the work was carried out. If you have had any problems using the new windows or doors, please mention this and we’ll be more than happy to explain the operation again.

5. Feedback & Customer Satisfaction Survey

Feedback is valuable because it provides a chance to put things right if there has been an error, and to make sure that the same mistake is not repeated in the future. We are anxious to hear people’s comments and committed to making full use of feedback to contribute to continuous service improvement.

Our tenant commitment

All of our highly trained installation teams work under a code of conduct to ensure that we treat our customers in the correct manner, and to ensure that Health and Safety procedures are observed at all times.

When we’re working in your home you can help us to deliver a better service in the following ways:

• Check our ID cards to confirm we are who we say we are
• Keep appointments by being available at the agreed times
• Make us aware in advance of any special requirements you may have
• Be polite and where possible be helpful to our employees

When we are working in your home

When we attend your home, our staff adhere the following clothing guidelines:

  • Clean and tidy workwear are required to be worn at all times.
  • Identity cards must be visible and should be shown in request.
  • The full use of Personal Protective Equipment is required.
  • All electrical equipment to be checked regularly by a NICEIC approved electrician and labeled accordingly
  • No borrowed equipment will be used
  • Dustsheets will always be used
  • Tools and equipment must kept tidy and organised
  • All equipment and tools should be kept out of the reach of small children
  • Tools will not be left in passageways
  • Facilities in the properties will not be used without the tenant’s permission
  • Any facilities will be left in the manner in which they are found
  • Our operatives will be polite and courteous at all times
  • No music to be played on site
  • No smoking in or around tenants’ properties
  • No swearing, discriminatory or crude language or gestures to be used
  • Working areas to be cleared at the end of the day
  • In the case of any abuse, the operative will not respond but will leave the premises immediately and report to management
  • Work only done to specifications and tolerances provided
  • Properties to be left clean, safe and tidy at all times
  • Take particular care to ensure that the tenant’s safety is central to our service
  • Provide tenants with open and easy channels of communication and communicate all actions at all times
  • Respond to complaints quickly and efficiently
  • Be aware of and sensitive to vulnerable people and show patience and understanding when dealing with customers who have special requirements

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